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  • Lets Move Healthy provides healthy and convenient options where you work, live and play! We’re on a mission to encourage healthy lifestyles and eating habits in our community.

  • Let’s Move Healthy can give you the tools, information and knowledge to make lasting changes to your community! Find out how we can help you, your family and your community.

    What We Do
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About Lets Move Healthy

Lets Move Healthy! is an initiative devoted to making a change, community by community. We have set out to replace junk food or provide the option of truly healthy food to join the movement of reversing the rising epidemic of childhood obesity. In line with initiatives like the Michelle Obama's "LET'S MOVE" campaign and Jamie Oliver’s Better Food Foundation, we have partnered with universities, colleges, school districts, YMCA's and other organizations nationwide to encourage healthy eating and active lifestyles. Dare to make the change! Your students will thank you.

"Good nutrition education is essential to the long term health of our kids."
-Dr. Karen Wolfe, health and wellness expert

Healthy Snack Time!

Take a peek at our list of suggested snacks and let us guide your children towards healthier eating.

What is your BMI?

Make sure you and your family are on the right track by learning how to calculate your Body Mass Index.

Want Tips to Get Moving Healthy?

Learn simple, life-changing suggestions to transform your family’s eating habits.