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How To Have a Healthy Earth Day (and every other day)

How To Have a Healthy Earth Day (and every other day)

Our planet gets some special attention on Earth Day, but we really should be showing it love everyday. How are you showing your appreciation Earthlings? Here are some ideas to get you thinking green.

-Eat locally- Visit a local farmer’s market and go crazy! Not only is eating fresh and locally better for you, but it decreases the pollution associated with food travel from its source and all the way to your grocery store.

-Connect with nature- The best way to show appreciation to nature and to the earth is by being in it. Get outside today!

-Ditch the car- If you can, choose to walk or ride your bike wherever you go. Imagine the impact we could have on our planet if everyone did this for just one day? Mother Nature would be proud.

-Plant something- Bring some life to our planet. Planting is creating, and creating is healthy.

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