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Sprout in Support of The Center for Science in the Public Interest

Sprout in Support of The Center for Science in the Public Interest

We’ve been seriously following the Center for Science in the Public Interest and their efforts to educate the public, advocate government policies and counter the junk food industry’s influence on public opinions.

Their dedication to eliminating junk foods in schools across the nation is inspring for us here at the Sprout HQ, and makes us that much more excited about our cause.

Here is a list of some of their current projects:

-Get junk foods out of schools nationwide;
-Rid the food supply of partially hydrogenated oil, the source of artificial trans fat that promotes heart disease;
-Reduce sodium in processed and restaurant foods;.
-Improve food safety laws and reduce the incidence of foodborne illness;
-Advocate for more healthy, plant-based, environmentally-friendly diets;
-Ensure accurate and honest labeling on food packages;
-Require basic nutrition labeling on chain-restaurants' menus and menu boards;
-Provide responsible information about the benefits and risks of agricultural biotechnology;
-Obtain greater federal funding for alcohol-abuse prevention policies; and
-Expose industry influence over the scientific process and in government policy-making

Check out their website for news releases, ways to get involved and to learn more about current projects in effect.

Here is a report that investigates the unhealthy children’s menu items and their poor quality in popular chain restaurants throughout the United States. It’s packed with some valuable information for you, as healthy vending operators.

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